An inner door is this which can change the mood completely and act as a design elements in every room.

Our factory produce inner doors of all different kinds, bearing in mind doors exploitation special requirements and design solutions.

Door type is defined by the place it is chosen to be in, the room it supposed to be set in, the room’s vastness. Bearing that in mind, not only classiccaly opened doors are available, but also sliding, foldable, panel, hidden etc. There is an option of smooth and pane doors.

THE MATERIAL: laminated pine, oak or ash billets,thick wood or venereed (sash thickness from 40mm to 50mm)

HINGES: BSW STD with covers or hidden hinges

LOCKING MECHANISM: '"KFV" lock, WC or  a "buratino" type key, without a locking mechanism

HANDLES: up to client’s choice

THRESHOLDS: wooden threshold or without a threshold

FINISHING: oiled, varnished or painted by RAL or NCS catalogues