It is possible to describe a front door as a house’s visiting card, it’s one of the design’s elements, to which different solution are appliable. A proper front door describes itself not only with it’s appearance but also with a good sound and warmth isolation, as well as with strength against the deformation and unwanted guests.

To produce front doors we use three-ply wooden billets. We offer 68 mm and 78 mm leaves. It is possible to construct both glass and panels into the door leaf.

It is also possible to choose the door’s leaves quantity and opening direction.

Door set contains a "KFV" key, and in order to assure an additory cover it’s possible to equip the door with a three point lock.

To prolong doors running time we use contemporary waterproof stains and paints in doors finishing.


THE MATERIAL: laminated pine or oak billets (68mm / 78mm)

HINGES: non-adjustable or adjustable 2D or 3D with decorative cover

LOCKING MECHANISM: single point (KFV) or three point

HANDLES: up to client’s choice

THRESHOLDS: aluminium, wooden or automatic thresholds

FINISHING: painted by RAL or NCS catalogues, Remmers stain, Osmo oil

ADDITORY ELEMENTS: door locks, aluminium covers