Europrofile windows are the most demanded in both Europe and Latvia. These windows open inside the room, could be slightly opened. An option of a vitrine is also available. Windows could be designed in different shapes: triangle, rectangular, round, archwise and many more.



Windows are one of the most important elements in every building. Wooden windows provide excellent functional and aesthetic quality.

To achieve first-class results, we combine high-quality materials, advanced technology and 20 years experience.




Scandinavian windows are opened outwards. These windows advantage is a variety of opening ways, as well as the windows have more space for the glass.



These windows are opened outwards (sidewall or upward). They are historical and are common in England, America and Australia. Due to the authentic design, windows are mostly set in historical buildings.


This type of windows are being opened vertically. These are historical windows, common in England, America and Australia. To ease the opening the counterweights or spirals are used. Due to the authentic design, windows are set mostly in historical buildings and private houses.